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EXP 4500 Light


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Manufacturer OKM
Warranty 2 Years
Operating Principle 3D IMAGING
Maximum Depth 21 Meters


65 in stock


EXP 4500 Light is a powerful 3D ground scanner and metal detector with professional features

and great performance in finding all buried archaeological treasures and relics underground.

EXP 4500 Light is a lighter edition in EXP 4500 series but with enough features that meet all needs

and requirements of users from different levels starting from entry-level prospectors to experienced

and professional treasure hunters.

EXP 4500 use a powerful 3D ground scan technology from OKM incorporated into measurement probe (scan sensor)

enabling the user for deep scanning of the ground up to depths that can’t be reached by common metal detectors, also

main benefit for the prospector is a 3D visualization of scan data directly on its screen or it may transfer data

to a computer for in-depth analysis using Visualizer 3D software.

exp 4500 lightDevice Features

Uses & Applications

EXP 4500 is a multi-purpose professional metal detector with wide applications

and uses for metal detection and treasure hunting including for example:

  • Locate buried relics made of different metals.
  • Detection of ancient artifacts such as: statues – swords – armors and so on
  • Golden treasure detection such as golden coins – jewelry like rings or ornaments
  • Detection of natural gold minerals like small gold nuggets.
  • Cavities detection such as tunnels, bunkers , hidden rooms and so on

Scanning Probe

EXP 4500 Light uses a Super Sensor probe for performing of ground scanning process

and measurement of scan lines and points.

Super Sensor is a specialized antenna which offers high-end 3d ground scan features,

using it either a small metallic target such as gold nuggets, coins, rings, jewelry or larger metal objects

such as boxes, pipes, chests, which are buried deep under the surface can be found.

In addition to Super Sensor the user can add other sensors or probes such as GPR Antenna or

Tunnel Sensor (not included in device package)

EXP 4500 Light Scan Modes

EXP 4500 Light scan modes (operating modes) offers the prospector a different setting

and features suitable for detection of objects made of various metals and occurs in different sizes and at different depths.

EXP 4500 Light contains following scan modes:

  • Ground Scan: a perfect mode for archaeologists looking for underground artifacts,

treasures and historical objects like ancient coins or weapons.

  • Mineral Scan: suitable for natural gold prospecting
  • Magnetometer: best for locating of ferrous metals such as iron and steel
  • Pinpointer: allows treasure hunters in locating the correct position of detected items.

Visualization of Scan Data

EXP 4500 Light visualize the scanning data collected by Super Sensor directly on its built-in colored screen

depending on selected scan mode, as it visualizes the results when Ground Scan mode activated

as colored 2D grid of different color for different objects (like blue for spaces, green for normal ground and red for gold…)

ground scan mode

On the other hand, in case of Mineral Scan mode it visualizes the results as a changed-color curve with up and

down amplitudes that reflect the nature of object, colors here also indicate type of object such as yellow for copper.

mineral scan mode

In case of Pinpointer mode, a visualization presented as curve similar to previous mode but the amplitude

always positive and show also a blue color for cavities.


Finally, in Magnetometer mode, a visualization presented as bars graph with varied-length bars with different

gradient colors that reflect signal strength.

magnetometer mode

Note: The scan data in ground scan mode data stored in the internal memory of the device and can be transferred

to an external computer for more accurate and deep analysis of data using specialized software Visualizer 3D

which allows to evaluate and compare all stored data and the user can determine depth, size and position

of detected structures and objects visually.


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Package Contents

  • Control unit
  • Super Sensor
  • 3D software (“Visualizer 3D”) with data cable
  • Waterproof and shock resistant Pelican case
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Joystick
  • Power Pack with charger and travel adapter
  • User’s manual


Dimensions (H x W x D) 220 x 160 x 295 mm
Weight approx. 1350 g
Input voltage (max.) 12 – 14.4 V DC, 22 W maximum
Data memory 256 MB
Operating temperature 0°C – 70°C
Storage temperature –20°C – 60°C
Waterproof No
Operating time approx. 3 hours (delivered power supply full charged, 25°C)
Air humidity 5% – 75%
Feedback acoustic, visual
Protection Type IP40
Working memory 256 MB RAM


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