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Fors Gold plus


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Fors Gold Plus gold detector find gold and gold ores underground up to 2.5 meter with reliable results and easy settings adjustment – Get your device now at best price from Orient Technology Group


130 in stock


Fors Gold Plus gold and metal detector is easy to use device

so it is easy to find gold and gold ores underground up to 2.5 meter

with reliable results and easy settings adjustment.

Fors Gold Plus operating using 19 kHz frequency so it is most suitable to

detect smallest gold nuggets in all terrains.

Fors Gold Plus Features

– Search Modes

Fors Gold Plus includes 3 search modes , so it  fit different ground

conditions and terrains and for multi purposes:

1 – General Search Mode (GEN):

It is designed for deeper detection of the targets,

upon target detection the ID of target will be displayed

on screen to give indication about its metal.

2 – Fast Mode (FST):

It is 2-tone discrimination mode designed for tough gold fields

with high mineralization or positive hot rocks.

It offers slightly less depth,  but faster target detection

also its recovery speed is higher in highly mineralized soils

compared to the other modes

3 – Boost Mode (BST):

It is 2-tone discrimination mode designed for cleaner gold fields

with milder mineralization and it provides more depth compared

to the FST mode

– Digital Target ID and ID Masking

Target ID is a 2-digit number that the device produce  ,

so it gives user an idea about what the target may be (its metal kind),

hence the number is displayed both on the LCD panel and the numeric

display on the handle also, gives a user a useful feedback.

– Depth Indication

The device gives an estimated depth reading based on signal strength

in the pinpoint mode.

So when the pinpoint button is pressed and the target is approached,

also the depth reading will appear in ”cm.”

on the LCD panel and the numeric display simultaneously.

– Ground Balance

Ground balance settings in  Fors Gold Plus available as follows:

Automatic, Manual or Ground Tracking

which tracks the changes in ground and automatically adjusts

the ground balance to suit

– Other Features

  • Dual LCD Display
  • Vibration on gold detect
  • 5 audio frequencies
  • Electronic Pinpointing
  • Built-in LED Flashlight
  • Easy Use and Ergonomic Design
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy to use GUI with 10 Languages

This device is available at the best price through our company: Orient Technology Group

We are a leading company based in Turkey – Istanbul, we provide the best metal detectors and gold detectors

for all categories of prospectors, from amateurs and beginners to professional prospectors and at the best prices ever.

We provide a flexible and easy way to purchase and various payment methods that include electronic payment,

and we offer monthly the best offers on our devices and products.

Just contact us through the numbers available on our website to know the prices and inquire about any additional information.

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Package Contents

  • System Box
  • FGP26 Waterproof Search Coil 26 cm x 14 cm (10’’x 5.5’’) DD
  • FGP13 Waterproof Search Coil 13 cm (5”) DD
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Headphones
  • Extra Lower Shaft
  • User Manual


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