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Mega Gold

Mega Locators

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Manufacturer Mega Detection
Warranty 5 Years
Operating Principle Long Range Locators Systems
Country Germany
Maximum Depth 30 Meters

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256 in stock


Mega Gold 2020 is the latest version of this excellent device from Mega Locators– Germany,

which was developed in this release and improved many features

and details within the electronic circuits and device software.

The search system in Mega Gold 2020 is a long-range locator system or long-range scan.

This system is characterized by a very broad field of scan or search is and the possibility

of detecting the targets of metallic objects and gold at very deep depths.

In the new version of the device Mega Gold, the device can scan a large area of ​​the front range up to 2000 meters

thanks to the effective search antennas to capture the most signals from the buried targets

within the field of scan with the possibility of covering a large deep area up to 40 meters underground.

With Mega Gold 2020 Gold Detector the prospector and treasure hunter can discover buried gold such as ancient gold coins,

statues, and golden jewelry such as crowns, bracelets, earrings, rings and so on.

With the new version of the device, it became possible to discover natural gold,

silver and diamonds through programs specially added to make the device a versatile device


Mega Gold 2020 Features

Search System

Mega Gold 2020 search system based on the first-of-its-kind Mega Detection system,

which detects gold and metal remotely using two antennas designed to receive incoming

signals from buried targets with a signal booster to boost the reception of weaker signals.’


Principle of the work of the long-range locator system:

As mentioned previously, special antennas are used as a signal receiver installed

in the small search unit which located in the front of the device, before performing

the search the user must choose the search program and then the device will search for the type of the specified metal.

Then these antennas move with the movement of the user to search within the specified area

of ​​the front scan, the antennas move according to the location and direction of the buried metal target.

The process must repeat from different directions, because to limit the target location within a small area –

for example a square area about 1×1 meter – in order to obtain more accurate results.

After repeating the scan from different directions and limiting the target location within a small area,

the depth of the target we can estimate the depth  more accurately using the Deep Master

depth measurement unit as will be explained later.

Search Programs

In the Mega Gold 2020 device you can choose the search program through

the search mode menu and start to scan for this metal type easily.

The user can choose one of these four search programs, as follow:

1 – Golden treasures

3 – Silver

2 – Gold Nuggets

4 – Diamonds

After selecting the search program,  then the device loads its settings and then the user can

set the front scan value and the depth value to start the search process.


Modern & Practical Design

Mega Gold 2020 is designed with high quality plastic in a way that makes

it easy to carry, transport and use in the search fields.

Also the device is lightweight and with a unique handle design, the prospector can carry

the device and ensure its balance when searching and ensure more accurate results.

The main unit contains with a high-definition colored TFT LCD display.

In addition at the bottom of the screen there is a control panel consisting of a variety of buttons

used to control the device software program and change the different settings on the display directly.

Knowing the Depth of Buried Targets

After conducting the search and assigning an approximate location

for the potential target, the Deep Master unit, called the depth measurement unit, can be used.

This unit is to pump electrical energy into the ground, where it is placed in the center of the target area.

The user starts moving from the point where he planted the unit, away from the target.

So the distance between the place of the unit and current user’s location is the depth of the target approximately.

Note: This process can performed more than once and from different directions to obtain

a more accurate estimate of depth.

however In this case, the average of these distances is taken to obtain the depth value of the buried metal target.

Graphical User Interface

Mega Gold 2020 gold detector features an easy-to-use program for both beginners and professionals

with a graphical user interface that is available in multiple languages, multi-screen system and graphical menus.

The program allows you to select and modify the different settings through the buttons

in the control panel at the bottom of the screen, where you can modify the different options,

including selecting the language of the program and choose the search program and adjust the front distance range and depth … etc.



Lithium – Ion Batteries for Longer Operating Time

The device equipped with lithium-ion batteries that are located on the side of the main unit

within their own cavity and so can be easily disassembled and replaced with alternative batteries.

The batteries provide a long exploration time for the prospector when searching out in the detection fields.

Also the batteries can be charged with the supplied charger in the bag from any electrical outlet.

A car charger is also available to charge the device when exploring and searching areas far from cities and villages.

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Mega Locators

Package Contents

–  Main Electronic Unit contains :

  • TFT LCD display screen
  • Control Panel that contains buttons to adjust settings
  • Battery (inside system box)
  • Search unit which contains sockets for antennas and signal booster radar
  • Button for laser activation
  • Charging indicator

– Also it has 2 Search antennas (plugged in the front of the rotatable search unit)

– Signal booster Radar (mounted on the top of the rotatable search unit)

– Deep Master (the depth measurement unit) comes with 2 antennas and 3 pegs.

The antennas must be plugged to the two sides of the unit.

The 3 pegs must be attached to the bottom of unit and then planted in the ground.

– Durable Lithium battery that works for 15 hours of continuous  operation.

– AC charger for charging the battery and Deep Master unit.

– Travel adapter (Car charger)

– User Manual

– An instructional Training DVD disc about how to use the device.

– Warranty Certificate from the manufacturer


Display TFT 4,3 inch
Display illumination LED
Microprocessor ARM
Operating frequency 168 MHz
Control buttons Touch operated
Scanner antennas Chrome plated, 1 pair
Signal booster Radar
Operating voltage 3,7V – 4,5V
Rechargeable battery 3,7V, 3600 mAh Li Ion
Nominal current 400 mA
Charging adapter 5 Volts, 2000 mA, Charge indicator with LED (When charging is done LED fully dims)
Auto charging adapter Input:12V, Output: 5V, 1000mA USB
Hardcase Waterproof ABS, spongecoated
Weight 6,3 Kg ( including bag weight)


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